Arcadia Brunch Places I Love

I love Sunday mornings, and Arcadia offers up so many possibilities for ways to spend the perfect Sunday morning.

I’ll preface this by saying my Sunday mornings are divided into two categories – those where I want to start the day active and those where I want to lounge around. For the active Sunday mornings starting the day with a yoga class or a hike are ideal.

This last Sunday was a morning for lounging so I found myself mentally searching through the Arcadia brunch options (don’t worry, in another blog we’ll talk all about great Arcadia yoga studios and hiking trails). There are many great Arcadia breakfast and brunch options, so let me share a few of my favorites with you.

Le Grande Orange (LGO) and Chelsea’s Kitchen are owned by the same company, and each offers different but equally yummy options. The outside mural of a lemon kissing an orange is constantly photographed, and inside you’ll find a fabulously funky grocery, café, and bakery. The ingredients are clean, simple, and often seasonal. I’ve tried many dishes on the menu, and still can’t pick just one favorite. If you eat gluten-free or vegan, there are delicious menu options for you too!

Chelsea’s Kitchen is just down the street from LGO and where LGO is always open for breakfast and is more of a casual “sit-where-you-will” atmosphere, Chelsea’s has a fantastic weekend brunch that is more of a sit down affair. Don’t confuse this with stuffy because the vibrant ambiance of Chelsea’s is anything but that. Friends rave that the French Dip is incredible, and the Eggs Benedict is served on an LGO-made English muffin. While the weather is still cool enough, take advantage of eating Sunday brunch on the patio.

Arcadia Farms is not to be missed, and certainly is a must for Sunday brunch! Charm exudes here, and Arcadia Farms is one of the most popular Arcadia dining experiences. In addition to the incredible food and atmosphere, I love that they support local vendors and farmers. Some menu items may be seasonal as a result, but you’ll always find the current menu full of mouth-watering breakfast options (if you’re not counting your calories, dive into the crepes!).

To find Carmel’s Breakfast House look for the vintage VW van stationed out front (yes, it is always there). I love the charm of Arcadia, and Carmel’s is housed in a cute, cozy 1940’s home. In addition to the wide variety of baked goods, the bread in all the meals is homemade (yum!). Part of the charm of Carmel’s on Sundays is that even if you don’t find yourself out and about until the afternoon, they serve breakfast all day. I was lucky enough to sit down with Pat, Carmel’s owner and talk about the best of Arcadia – watch the video here.

There are so many great Sunday brunch spots in Arcadia! These are just a few of my favorite Arcadia brunches – leave me a comment and share what your favorite brunch place is. In future blogs I’ll share more great Arcadia dining experiences, Camelback Corridor activities to burn off those brunches (hiking, anyone?), and much more!