Celebrate 4th Of July In Arcadia and Camelback Corridor

fireworksTime flies when you’re having fun and 4th of July is upon us – there are great ways to spend Independence Day right here in Arcadia!

Arcadia’s infamous Arcadia 4th of July parade is returning this year. The parade began when Arcadia local Johanna Boslin and her family members put flags in their neighbors’ front yards for Independence Day. One neighbor, Bud Katz, commented to Johanna that the flags were so beautiful that all that was missing was a parade. And with those words, the Arcadia 4th of July parade was born!

Whether you’re a spectator or participant the parade is worth it! Everyone is invited to let their creative side out, and you’ll enjoy seeing everything from pets to trikes to “parade floats.” The whole parade is super cute.

For fireworks, the Arizona Country Club has an AWESOME fireworks show every year! Non-members, don’t despair. Non-members gather in the street around the Club (56th & Thomas) to watch the show.

If you’re looking for an entire weekend of Independence Day activities for the whole family, you may want to consider a staycation at the nearby Arizona Biltmore. Activities start on 4th of July and extend throughout the next few days (July 4 – 7, 2013) – everything from outdoor movies next to the pool to cigar rolling classes, wine tastings to water balloon games are on the agenda.

If Independence Day finds you outside of Arcadia, each city in the Valley has their own fireworks display – you can find details on the official website for each city (but why leave Arcadia when everything you need for a great 4th of July is already right here?!).

Many Camelback Corridor restaurants and bars have 4th of July events and specials. On Independence Day at Chelsea’s Kitchen you buy one entrée and get the 2nd one for only $4. At La Grande Orange, enjoy 4 cent sangria! Last year Fox Concepts restaurants offered 25% off all day – so be on the lookout for that possibility.

Do you know of Arcadia and Camelback Corridor 4th of July activities/events that didn’t make it in to this blog? What Independence Day traditions do you and your family love? Please share by leaving me a comment. Wishing a happy and safe 4th of July to everyone – special thanks to veterans for your service.


Camelback Corridor Yoga Studios

Whether you’re a beginner or full-fledged yogi, there are several yoga studios in the Camelback Corridor to enjoy. If you’re new to living in the Corridor and are looking for a new yoga studio, the places below are great places to start.


If you know me then you know my love of charming homes, and the Mariposa Longhouse is a truly charming, restored home turned into a community center that hosts yoga classes, artists, and even pop-up shops (since I’m supposed to be focusing on yoga I’ll save the pop-up shops for another blog – stay tuned!). Class options include everything from Vinyasa to restorative yoga.

Not sure about sharing your yoga sanctuary with pop-up shops? No worries – there are still options galore. If you’re new to yoga and want to try out different types of classes or you are an advanced yogi that likes to vary your yoga workouts, CoreBalance Studio in Camelback Corridor offers a variety of yoga classes. The instructors here are very welcoming to new students, and the warm atmosphere is almost as relaxing as the Yin yoga. One of the things I really like about CoreBalance is that as well as yoga classes, they also have barre and spin classes (they even bring in a live DJ for spin classes on Monday and Wednesday nights!). When friends are looking for a great yoga studio but don’t want to give up cardio class options available from a gym, I recommend they check this place out.

One of my absolute favorite yoga studios is Madison Improvement Club (known as “Madison” or just “the Club” to most). What’s not to love about a place with the tag line “Let The Party Begin”?! Madison is right in the heart of Arcadia with yoga, spin classes, AND a café (with yet another fabulous tag line – “Get Ready To Be Addicted” – so true)! I could go on and on about the things I love about this place, but you’ll have your own reasons for falling in love with it when you go (psst – come back and let me know).

Not for the faint of heart is the ever popular Bikram yoga (a.k.a. “hot yoga”). This is where I head when I want to be a wet duck (ha!). At this time of year you may wonder if you could just do yoga outside and get the same results, but I would still recommend trying out Sumits Yoga Biltmore. Enthusiastic instructors help you move through the classes, and allow everyone to move at their own pace (definitely important in the challenging hot yoga experience). I also find this space beautiful – the wood floors are lovely (which you’ll especially enjoy if you need to take a break from the heat and catch your breath in “child’s pose” for a while).

The Village (Camelback location, of course) has some awesome yoga classes! When I’m not at Madison, or sweating it out at Sumits I’m enjoying the yoga here J. For those that want the convenience of a gym and yoga studio all at one place, you need to head here! In addition to the great gym facilities, extensive list of classes (not just yoga – think spin, zumba, pilates, etc.), the amenities abound here (that sounds like a hotel ad, but if you’ve been to the Village you know what I’m talking about).

As usual, this isn’t an all-inclusive list – there are many great Camelback Corridor yoga studios. These are some I recommend to friends for the same reasons I listed above. Where do you practice yoga? Have a favorite yoga teacher? Let me know! I always love hearing about other yoga studios to check out in Camelback Corridor – its one of the many reasons I love living in the Corridor!


Camelback Corridor and Arcadia Wine Bars

Arcadia has a plethora of wine bars! Friends are always asking me for Arcadia wine bar recommendations so I figured I would include some on here too. Whether looking for a cozy spot for date night or a fun atmosphere for girls night out, Arcadia & Camelback Corridor wine bars have something for everyone.

Probably one of the best known area wine bars is Postino WineCafé (most people just say “Postino’s”), but be careful when making plans to meet friends that you specify which location you’re meeting at (there are a few in the Valley). History buffs will appreciate knowing the Arcadia Postino is housed in the old Arcadia (1950s-era) Post Office. In patio weather garage doors swing up and double the socializing space (I was going to say the doors “let the outside in” but figured that sounded too much like a home decorating show). The atmosphere is vibrant, especially on weekends so this is a great place to meet friends and socialize with neighbors.

Sportsman’s Fine Wine & Spirits is not only a retail wine store, they also have a wine bar. If you’re wanting to try out new wines, you’ll like being able to do so at the wine bar. I’m always impressed with how knowledgeable the staff is. This is a great wine bar to try a sampling of wines paired with delectable food from their menu (consider letting the staff suggest pairings or simply “surprise you” – I’ve had great experiences doing both).

Those of you who know me may be surprised to find “Chick Rotisserie & Wine Bar” in this blog (I’m a vegetarian). While the food menu can be a bit meat-centric for those of us non-meat-eaters, I will admit they know a little something about vino and the wine selections tower (literally) impressively.

Central Bistro is modern with great outdoor seating. Their wine list is well done, and their food menu pairs wonderfully (they have French and Italian foods). The happy hour menu is fantastic – great food, and many are less than $5. They are known for having wonderful service. This is a great Camelback Corridor wine bar to enjoy wine before moving on to a more complete dinner there, or simply take advantage of their nice seating and enjoy conversation and drinks with friends. Their food and alcohol are farm-to-table, which I really enjoy and appreciate.

This is isn’t meant to be an all-inclusive list of Camelback Corridor wine bars – there are so many to enjoy! If you haven’t been to any of the above, add them to your “to try” list. What Arcadia wine bars are your favorites? Which are still on your “to try” list? Leave me a note – I love sharing Arcadia recommendations and receiving them!