AZ Restaurant Week Deals For Arcadia & Camelback Corridor Restaurants This Weekend

Arizona Restaurant Week is happening now, and you can take advantage of deals for a variety of Arcadia and Camelback Corridor restaurants. I’ve combed through the restaurant deals for you (you’re welcome!). Just in time for the weekend, Restaurant Week runs through Sunday (September 29) so read below and get ready to eat out for the next three nights!

Each restaurant offers a 3 course meal for a special Restaurant Week price. Many include vegetarian (yay!) and gluten-free options. Each restaurant has specific dishes which are a part of the Restaurant Week deal; each restaurant’s options can be seen on the Restaurant Week website.

Arizona Restaurat Week Arcadia and Camelback Corridor Restaurants

Arcadia Tavern has a 3 course offering for $30 per couple, with vegetarian options. If it is cool enough when you go, consider sitting outside because they have a great patio!

I’ve already covered Beckett’s Table in my recent blog so I’ll keep this description short and the point. The Beckett’s Table deal is $30 (beverage included) per person, with vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Another restaurant of recent blogs – Bink’s Midtown. Feel free to jump back to my previous blog to read all about this wonderful eatery. Bink’s deal  is $30 per person (vegetarian and gluten-free options).

Bistro 24 is at the Ritz-Carlton and it embodies everything you expect from the Ritz. The restaurant itself is beautiful and the food is fantastic. Bistro 24’s deal is $30 per person (gluten-free options).

Central Bistro has a menu full of French and Italian flavors and it is a no-brainer at $30 per person (vegetarian and gluten-free options).

You’ve already read about Chelsea’s Kitchen from me (great brunch!) and you can enjoy their Restaurant Week 3 course meal for $30 per person (gluten-free options).

Del Frisco’s Grille is frequently identified as an “upscale American bar and grill”   and I would have to agree. Eat their  3 course menu for $30  per person (vegetarian options).

Donovan’s Steak and Chop House is classic and iconic. If you haven’t been there before, head over to the Biltmore area and enjoy the $40 per person deal (vegetarian and gluten-free options).

Fox Concept restaurant, “North – Arcadia,” focuses on sharing local, seasonal food with a family ambiance that makes everyone feel comfortable and “at home.” Go North for $30 per person.

Pita Jungle – Arcadia (note that I specified the location – not all Pita Jungle locations are taking part) can be had for $30 per person (beverage included) and there are vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Who doesn’t love a place that has an entire menu of delicious dishes and all are under 520 calories? Head to Seasons 52 and enjoy the dinner deal at $30 per person (vegetarian and gluten-free options available).

SOLO Trattoria has a great atmosphere and features a seasonal menu. You can eat there this weekend for $30 (beverage included) per person.

Capital Grille – Phoenix location (in Biltmore Fashion Park) is frequently listed by Valley foodies among their top restaurants. Decide for yourself and take advantage of the $40 per person deal (vegetarian and gluten-free options).

The Grind Arcadia is a neighborhood staple! It is all that Arcadia is – classic, hip, cool…well, you know I could go on and on. Try it out for $30 per person (beverage included, vegetarian options).

Tomaso’s is a wonderful Italian restaurant, and they take Italian staples to new levels. What does that mean? As soon as you eat it, you’ll understand (feel free to leave me a comment on how you would describe it). Eat the Restaurant Week deal for $40 per person (vegetarian and gluten-free options).

I mentioned Vincent’s on Camelback for the area farmer’s markets, but the restaurant is an icon in its own right. Vincent’s is a classy and elegant dining experience for a special occasion but you’ll also see regulars who come in for extraordinary dining every week. Turn this weekend into a special occasion with the $40 per person deal (vegetarian and gluten-free options).

Wright’s at the Biltmore is known for their fresh seafood (no small feat in Phoenix!). I can’t attest to that from personal experience, but I can attest to their wonderful vegetarian dishes. You can try it for yourself with the $40 per person deal (vegetarian and gluten-free options).

Unfortunately you can’t fit all of the incredible Arcadia and Camelback Corridor restaurants above into a weekend, but it’s definitely worth it to pick a few and enjoy an entire weekend of fantastic dining experiences. If you get a chance, come back and tell me which restaurants you went to and give your own reviews. Happy eating!

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Camelback Corridor & Arcadia Restaurants Foodies Will Love – Part 2

Whether you are a self-proclaimed foodie, or you want to enjoy a phenomenal dining experience the following Arcadia and Camelback Corridor restaurants offer world-class dining.

Beckett’s Table. The owners of Beckett’s Table started the restaurant with a vision of offering “sophisticated comfort food” in an unpretentious atmosphere; a world class restaurant families and sophisticated foodies could enjoy equally. They have succeeded stupendously! (big word, I know) Beckett’s Table is led by co-owner and chef, Justin Beckett.

Coinciding with its name, the restaurant has a signature, black walnut community table which seats 18 (if you’re not into the community table idea, don’t worry – the rest of the seating options are not community style). Beckett’s is recognized both locally and nationally for its chef driven menu, extraordinary service, world class wine list, and for loyally supporting local farmers. I’m always impressed with the many ways Beckett’s supports the local community, such as the “Feed Your Dreams” contest, “which awarded a prize to the Phoenician with the most innovative idea combining science and food” (quote is from Beckett’s Table website).

Right from opening, Chef Beckett and Beckett’s Table have continuously won awards and high praise. In 2010, Phoenix Magazine named them “Best New Restaurant,” and Wine Spectator awarded Beckett’s the 2012 Award of Excellence (the list of awards goes on, click here to read more about their awards). The friendly atmosphere makes Beckett’s a great place for foodies to introduce loved ones (of all ages) to an incredible dining experience.

Bink’s Midtown. You may be familiar with Bink’s Café and Binkley’s Restaurant.  Don’t expect a duplicate version of the other establishments at the Midtown location – this restaurant stands on its own for outstanding food. While the restaurant is located on the fringes of Camelback Corridor, it can’t (shouldn’t!) be missed so I am sharing it here (you’re welcome).

Bink’s Midtown is the brain child of chef Kevin Binkley and his wife, Amy. Kevin is a James Beard Award nominee; he and his restaurants have received many (many!) awards.

“Binkley says Bink’s Midtown will highlight “what Arizona does best — produce,” mostly small plates.

But “this is not a farm-to-table” operation, points out general manager Amy Binkley, Kevin’s wife. “Kevin manipulates the ingredients.” (quoted from Arizona Republic restaurant critic, Howard Seftel, from an article on 3/14/13).

Another thing to love about Bink’s Midtown (in addition to the renowned chef and phenomenal dishes) is the price – Bink’s Midtown is very affordable (under $20 for most menu items).

P.S. I’m not the only one who thinks Bink’s Midtown is awesome – congrats to Bink’s Midtown for being named Best New Restaurant in the October 2013 issue of Phoenix Magazine.

As with Tarbell’s, if you haven’t been to either of the two Arcadia and Camelback Corridor restaurants listed in this blog – go now! Foodies in particular will appreciate the precision, care, and passion that goes into each and every plate by chefs Beckett and Binkley. Whether you’re a regular or first time visitor to the Camelback Corridor restaurants, let me know how you liked your experience.

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Arcadia & Camelback Corridor Restaurant Foodies Will Love

Foodies, rejoice – there are some incredible restaurants in Arcadia and the Camelback Corridor area! I’ve highlighted one of my favorite restaurants here for your foodie enjoyment :).Tarbell’s. If you consider yourself a foodie, and you haven’t yet been to Tarbell’s please don’t wait any longer! You’re depriving yourself of an all-around incredible dining experience.Owner Mark Tarbell is a celebrity in his own right. He received international culinary training at world class culinary schools and restaurants. He is a James Beard award nominee, an Iron Chef, and columnist for the Arizona Republic (he writes a weekly wine column) among so many other awards and accolades it would take the entirety of this blog to catalog them all (yes, seriously). His television appearances range from “Good Morning America” to numerous Food Network programs, and he has cooked for a myriad of celebrities (including Muhammad Ali and the Dalai Lama). Throughout the years, more than 50 awards have been presented to Mark and his restaurants.

Tarbell’s is my kitchen away from my kitchen. Their front door says “welcome home” and the entire staff is so friendly and welcoming no one feels like a stranger when they’re there. In fact, you may be met at the door by Mark – he often greats guests as the come in and then checks back with them during the meal to ensure they’re having an excellent experience.

The interior of Tarbell’s is contemporary, modern, and comfortable. The menu has something for everyone (yes, I dine there often), and the ingredients are the highest quality available.

While Tarbell’s is ideal for a special occasion, experiencing the fantastic dining experience can be a special occasion in itself. Arcadia and Camelback Corridor residents can often be seen several nights a week at this neighborhood gem. Tarbell’s dishes are creative, organic, inspiring, and delicious. If you haven’t experienced the joy of eating at a restaurant so superb everything on the menu (literally) is a full sensory delight, prepare to be wowed at Tarbell’s. Tarbell’s is known for superior service, impeccable dining, and world class wine pairings.
If I were to attempt to sum my love for Tarbell’s it would be this: Local. Organic. Delicious!
Mark graciously sat down with me and talked about the best of Camelback Corridor – see that video here. Check back for more Arcadia & Camelback Corridor restaurants foodies will love – I’ll be writing more about them soon.
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